Taylor R. Genovese (b. 1986, Tucson, USA) is a multimodal anthropologist and Ph.D. Candidate︎︎︎ in the Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology program at Arizona State University︎︎︎. His Ph.D. is supervised by Gaymon Bennett︎︎︎ (Chair), Alexander Aviña︎︎︎, Lisa Messeri︎︎︎, and Jason Ānanda Josephson Storm︎︎︎. He had the great honor of being one of David Graeber's︎︎︎ students until his unexpected passing in 2020.

He is currently a:
︎ Research Associate in the Collaboratory on Religion, Science and Technology︎︎︎.
︎ Graduate Fellow at The Center for Philosophical Technologies︎︎︎.
︎ Graduate Student Affiliate with The Melikian Center for Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies︎︎︎.
︎ Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Anthropology at Chandler-Gilbert Community College︎︎︎.

As an eclectic multimodal anthropologist, he tends to work simultaneously on a variety of different projects in a diversity of artistic and academic modes, using digital video, photography, and sound as methods and sites of inquiry for anthropological research. He produces most of his multimodal work through Kuznitsa︎︎︎.

Genovese is a co-founder and contributor for Footnotes︎︎︎, an anthropology group blog for the multimodal, anticolonial, and iconoclastic. He is also a research fellow at The Center for Communist Studies︎︎︎ and on the Editorial Board for Peace, Land, and Bread︎︎︎. He is a proud member of United Campus Workers of Arizona (CWA Local 7065)︎︎︎.

Prior to attending university as a non-traditionally aged student, he worked as an accomplished stage︎︎︎ actor︎︎︎. He has attended each of Arizona's major universities (University of Arizona for his B.A., Northern Arizona University for his M.A., and now Arizona State University for his Ph.D.) and is still unsure of whether or not that is a good thing.

In addition to his academic interests, he is an avid (if sometimes inconsistent) cinephile︎︎︎, participates in Spanish Civil War living history︎︎︎, and watches dust accumulate on his vinyl record collection︎︎︎.