At the core of my teaching philosophy lies an attentiveness to diversity and inclusion. As an instructor, I work to teach students how to question and challenge accepted “ways of knowing” by discerning deeper meanings and contradictions within socially accepted narratives, thereby allowing students to formulate their own creative and original counter-arguments.

This provides a critical skillset that can be used by general education students in all facets of their lives and studies. Ideally, learning how to think critically becomes a transformational activity that extends beyond the classroom.

By the end of a course, I hope to inspire a life-long generative, and compassionate, curiosity in students wherein they take to heart the anthropological creed of making the familiar strange and the strange familiar.

* = Face-to-face instruction
†= Online/hybrid instruction


ASB 214: Magic, Witchcraft, and Healing: An Introduction to Comparative Religion
(Fall 2019*, Spring 2020*, Fall 2020†, Spring 2021†, Fall 2021†, Spring 2022†) [Syllabus︎︎︎]


FIS 305: Ways of Knowing
(Spring 2020*)

FIS 194: Future of Oceans
(Fall 2019*)

HON/REL 394: Religion, Science, & Citizenship
(Spring 2019*)

ANT 102: Exploring Cultures
(Fall 2015*, Fall 2016*, Spring 2017*)

ANT 301: Peoples of the World
(Spring 2016*)

AFAS 371: Hip Hop Cinema
(Fall 2014†, Spring 2015†)


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