Tucson, AZ, USA
Vail, AZ, USA
Douglas, AZ, USA
Tombstone, AZ, USA
Sasabe, AZ, USA

Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, AZ, USA
For this project, I'm exploring the political and spiritual differences between consecrated and unconsecrated ground. I'm interested in why consecrated ground becomes so important for a variety of religious traditions—particularly in practices in which the soul is believed to no longer be tethered to a physical place or body.

As such, a major part of my project is negotiating how to perform work on myself in ways that open up critical apparatuses for studying the "more-than-human" through the categories of my interlocutors, thereby allowing me to better investigate unseen worlds.

In short, I am conducting an auto-ethnographic experiment in an attempt to radically transform my own worldview—which has been disciplined in particular Western, secular onto-epistemological modes—so that I might have the ability to recognize the ontological and moral realities of my interlocutors; realities such as good/evil, spirits/ghosts, possessions/the demonic, agentive cosmic energy, etc. and so that I might be illumined to the ways in which these veiled forces experience, and are experienced by, communities around the planet.